I saw a meme on Facebook the other day. I see memes on Facebook every day, but this one was particularly special, and since it’s Halloween and all, it seemed an appropriate time to share. This particular meme was, of course, Halloween-themed, with some lovely graphics of witches and such, but the point of the meme was to share a “spooky fact” with those who viewed it: This year, 2014, is apparently the first year in 666 years in which Halloween falls on a Friday the 13th. Check it out here.

Let that thought float around in your noggin’ for a few.

Fortunately, someone really smart “declared” the meme a hoax. Noooo, you don’t say. It’s a darn good thing someone had the authority to declare that thing a hoax, because otherwise, how would we have ever known? We could have all seriously been in the dark about this ordeal and ended up celebrating Halloween on the wrong day. I mean, thousands of people shared this thing, most of whom were completely and utterly oblivious to the facts at hand.

So if you’re taking your kids for a walk tonight under the guise that they’re getting heaps of candy for themselves that, in actuality, you’re going to eat after they go to bed, and people are looking at you funny, it’s most likely because they think you’re off your rocker. It’s because they think you’re one of the ones who didn’t get the meme.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little tangent to commemorate a fantastic holiday like Halloween, right? Now that we’ve had story time, it’s time to get down to business with this week’s spooktacular PPC news.


Is Google tricking or treating?

Google is passing out treats this week with some additional features for small businesses. If you use an Android mobile device, downloading the Google My Business app will now allow you to see reviews and respond directly to reviewers from within the app. And, you can now get real-time alerts so you’re always on top of your digital rep.

Deeper insights will now show you where your customers are when they search for directions and when they call, giving you more visibility into the path your customers are taking to find you via their smartphones.

If you’re an iOS user, yours is coming soon.

The AdWords Express mobile app enables Android smartphone users to manage ads from their devices, as well. Essentially, Google is recognizing the importance mobile is playing on the consumer side, so they’re catering to their small business users by making it possible to manage their online presences via their devices, as well. Sorry, iOS peeps, but this one is currently for Android users, too, but it is being rolled out to 20 additional countries in the Android market – and, the iOS version is coming very soon. More info on managing your online business presence with your smartphone at the AdWords Blog.

The AdWords Agency Blog shares some additional insights on Google’s study on the impact of digital on the in-store experience, which we discussed in last week’s roundup. Specifically, the post looks into how retailers can capitalize on these effects to increase their in-store sales. Check it out.


Knock, Knock, Bing…

The Opportunities Tab in Bing Ads was formerly only available in the U.S., but earlier this week, Bing announced its rollout to all Bing Ads markets. The Opportunities Tab provides campaign performance optimization suggestions, as well as preview the impact potential changes are expected to have on performance before you roll with them. The full scoop here.

It’s now easier to manage multiple accounts in Bing with the new Accounts Summary feature, which shows high-level metrics aggregated at the account level and makes switching between accounts simpler than ever. Good news for all of you working for agencies or consulting with multiple clients – you now have a bird’s eye view of up to 2,000 accounts. Get the story from the Bing Ads Blog.

Bing Ads Editor v10.6 is now at your disposal. Download it here. If you’re already a Bing Ads user, you’ll be prompted to update within the next few days, or you can just go get it yourself, too. When you do, you’ll benefit from easier navigation, enhanced negative keyword lists, simplified importing to streamline campaign launch, and more. Get all the details here.


Industry thought leaders, what say you?

PPCHero has an informative piece on the value of retargeting, as well as some specific tips and tactics for doing so effectively through Facebook. It’s a great read for advertisers already tapping into the power of social advertising to supplement their search campaigns, as well as those of you on the fence about incorporating social. Check it out.

Third-party tools offer some amazing functionality beyond what you can get within standard advertising platforms. 3Q Digital just so happens to agree with that sentiment, and they’re offering some tips for setting up web queries – which enable you to do things like build recurring reports – from Mac. Yes, from Mac. The details, right here.

Clix Marketing has been running an absolutely fantastic series called 13 Days of PPC Fright, naturally, branded with its own hashtag: #PPCFright2014. Each day for 13 days, the experts at Clix dig deep into a core topic or key issue facing PPC advertising and campaign management. It’s incredible stuff, really. The first introductory post to get you started is here, but you must read through the full 13 day series for the full benefit.

WordStream never disappoints, and this one is no exception. Check out this post on the five “seriously powerful but underused AdWords features” for some insights you’ll most definitely be putting to use in your PPC campaigns.


Well, it’s been fun, but I’m off to go complete my ghoulish transformation for Friday the 13th. Oh, wait, I meant Halloween. I’m wondering if I can pass as young enough to score some free candy…

Whether you’re passing out treats, begging for the neighbors to overlook the fact that you’re in your mid-30’s and give you a lollipop, too, or serving up some evil glares when said mid-30’s adults ring your doorbell for the tenth time, let loose and have some fun. It’s one of the few days out of the year you can go all-out in costume and no one thinks you’re weird.