It seems like we are getting a proper spring here in New England this year.  Leaves and blossoms seem to be exploding on the trees and from the ground and we have a week of mid-60s temps ahead of us (and behind us).  Usually, it goes from snowing to sultry, but not this year!  Hope your neck of the woods is pleasant as well.


Let’s see what was happening in PPC land last week, shall we?


First, from Google……………..


After a week of relative silence, Google had a lot of posts last week.  On Monday, Google announced two additions to Enhanced Campaigns:  social annotations which Google says improve CTR by 5-10%, and enhanced campaigns for mobile app advertisers.  The social annotations will be shown for advertisers that have a Google + page with a significant number of followers, and a linked website that matches the URL in your ads.  Mobile app advertisers can now use Enhanced Campaigns to reach the average US consumer who spends an average of 127 minutes a day in mobile apps!


Google has launched an upgrade center to make the transition to Enhanced Campaigns easier.  Here you will you be able to upgrade several campaigns at a time and merge campaigns together with just a few clicks.  Check out the full post here.


New features are also available for Display Ads.  There is now a Google Display Planner, and two new reports for Demographics and Placement Performance.  The Display Planner delivers key related details: impression and cookie ranges for Google’s inventory, age and gender breakdowns, and historical cost-per-click (CPC) information.  Pretty cool!


The Customer Journey to Online Purchase from the Google AdWords blog outlines how this tool works, which includes aggregating statistics for benchmarking.  The tool draws on behavior analytics from over 36,000 Google Analytics accounts!


Google gives a shout out to Mad Men in this post to intro the announcement that they’ve achieved accreditation for their viewability measurement solution, Active View.  Google says they see this becoming the new standard for how impressions are bought, sold and measured, replacing the “served impressions” metric we have today.  Read the post here.


Now, from Bing Ads……………….


If you’ve been putting off becoming Bing Ads certified, don’t delay!  Here’s a video that shows why people think the education and certification system is great.


This post has a chart outlining all of the searchers you are missing out on if you aren’t advertising on the Yahoo Bing network. Data is taken from a December 2012 ComScore report.


From the Bing Ads and You blog post series comes Keyword Distribution Graph Coming Soon.  This very cool new feature enables advertisers to visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) across thousands of keywords and easily explore optimization opportunities and you can sign up for the beta test within the post.


Finally from Bing for this week, Exception Request Best Practices for Agencies outlines some steps you can take to get your content live on the Yahoo Bing network sooner.


And, from elsewhere on the web………


Search Engine Land has Google AdWords Support Launches Screen Sharing Functionality and A Good Start for Paid Search in 2013.


Search Engine Watch has Video Ad Views Hit All Time High:  13 Billion and Location & Lifestyle Key Drivers for Mobile Path to Purchase in UK, US.


That does it for last week’s news.  Have a great week, friends!