Happy spring, everyone!  Hopefully it feels like it’s spring where you are because it certainly doesn’t in New England.


Let’s move on to cheerier subjects, including the best PPC news from the past week!


First, from Google……


Google AdWords has been doing a lot of work to engage brands in using Google advertising.  Some of the ways they are “fueling brand adoption” include:  new ways to buy impressions, engagement ads, and new ways to measure via the Brand Lift feature now in AdWords. Get the whole scoop on brand advertising here.


Soon, Google will be launching new ValueTrack features for advertisers using keyword level URLs.  Google says these changes will help users manage at the keyword level by device when upgrading to enhanced campaigns by:

  1. Directing users to a device-specific landing page at the keyword level.
  2. Enabling measurement of the effectiveness of campaigns by device


If you are at SES this coming week, don’t miss Google’s classes on Tuesday.  Get details here.  And, last week, DoubleClick was at SMX West touting new features, including integration of Google Analytics data, fast and accurate cross channel reporting, and support for enhanced campaigns.  They also debuted a new video about DoubleClick that you can see here.


Now, from Bing Ads……


An interesting article about the intersection of social media and customer support.  And, in that same spirit, an announcement from their product team about how Bing Ads will be more transparent about upcoming features and changes via the Bing Ads blog.


Interested in mimicking Google’s enhanced campaign features in your Bing Ads?  This article has some ideas for how to do just that.  Ideas include:  bidding higher for areas closer to your client’s place of business, targeting ads based on device, and adjusting character counts for mobile display.  Creative!


Bing will soon be offering an enhanced search query report which will help advertisers better optimize their keywords, control search traffic better, and set negative keywords better.


Finally, get updates on how Bing fared at SMX last week, as well as their plans for SES this week here.


And, from elsewhere on the web……….


How To Determine Your Mobile & Geo Bid Multipliers For Enhanced Campaigns from Search Engine Land gives some guidance about determining geo and mobile bid multipliers based on historical performance.


Workarounds To Make Enhanced Campaigns More Flexible also from SEL, shares some takeaways from SMX West about Enhanced Campaigns.


Finally, Internet Marketing in China, from Search Engine Journal is a good quick read on what advertisers need to know when approaching this audience.


That’s it for this week.  Thank you good people and have a great week!


Image from Madeline Milani