This winter has already felt really long.  We’re over it.  As a nice distraction, pull up your chair and check out what’s new in the brave new world of paid search!


First, from Google……….


A look back at 2013:  Twas the year of Enhanced Campaigns, but do you remember these innovations (of course you do, it was only a few months ago :)  Google recaps last year, pointing out new AdWords features like: powerful bidding tools, a new audience dimension for search ads, and advanced conversion measurement.


Check out how Google fought “bad advertising practices” in 2013 here.


If there’s anything you’d like to see from AdWords in 2014, give Google a shoutout.


Learn with Google!:  Lots of Hangouts coming up for you to brush up on your AdWords knowledge.  Some we’re interested in include:  January 30 The Future is Here: Buying Viewable Impressions Online; February 27  Real Time Bidding with Audience Targeting; and, March 6   Shopping Campaigns: An Overview of New Features and Benefits.


Finally, from Google this week – now users can give a reason for “muting” an ad on the Display network.  Feels a little Facebook-y, eh?


Now, let’s see what’s up with Bing Ads…..


Bing offers us a little bit of a different kind of 2013 wrap up.  Check out the Year in Review with Bing:  Most Searched Advertising Campaigns and Brands.  Learn things like: Thrift Shop was the top searched song!  Beyonce was the most searched person of the year!


Do you look at your call details reports?  You should, so you can “identify particular campaigns that are getting more calls than others via those Call Extensions, or, on the other hand you will also be able to note campaigns that are not generating calls” and more.  Check it out!


Bing Ads is offering a webinar on 1/24/14 called the Bing Ads Digital Marketing Return on Investment.  Here’s a link to sign up.


Finally, from elsewhere on the web…..


1(800) FLOWERS is using Google’s Cross-Device conversion reports to become more customer centric.  Have you used these?  If so, how?  Along that same vein, 2014 is the year of audience centric marketing.  Learn more about that here.


Google and Bing both gained search share in 2013.  See the specifics here.


Welp, that wraps it up for this week friends!  Have a good one!


 Image from Madeline Milani