What’s up, PPC peeps? This weekend is the weekend people everywhere – except those of you in Arizona or Hawaii (I’d like to be in Hawaii right about now, that’s for sure. I’d even settle for Arizona.) – turn their clocks ahead an hour for Daylight Savings Time. It’s all well and good in the fall when we gain an hour in the weekend and it feels like 6:00 a.m. when we get out of bed at 5. But in the spring, oh, in the spring…your weekend is an hour shorter this weekend, plus that 5:00 a.m. alarm is going to feel brutally early on Monday morning.

Shortened weekend or not, there’s still lots of PPC news to cover today. So rather than waste any more of your precious time with my endless babbling, we’ll get to this week’s pay-per-click news and insights.

What’s up, Google?

If you’re an Android user, you’ve probably been perplexed as to why on earth there is not an AdWords app compatible with your device. After all, Android is Google’s baby. I mean, you get your apps from the Google Play Store. It’s absurdity.

Well, good news for you: This week, Google launched an AdWords app for Android. That means you can keep tabs on your campaign performance anywhere you go. Because, you know, your smartphone is like a part of your body – it goes everywhere you go.

So what can you do with the AdWords app? Lots of things, such as:

  • View your campaign stats
  • Update your bids and budgets
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications
  • Get suggestions to improve your campaigns – and act on them
  • Call a Google expert

It’s available on devices running Android 4.0 and later. For more, click here.

Google’s latest Best Practices guide, “Remarketing Right on Cue,” offers tips and strategies for turning window shoppers into buyers with programmatic remarketing. What you’ll learn:

  • How to properly set-up site-wide tags
  • Types of remarketing lists and ad formats, and which types are most effective
  • How automated bidding tools yield productivity gains in remarketing
  • How to acquire new customers with similar behavior to your current customers

Go here to download the printable guide and accompanying one-page checklist, or for more details, visit this post.

We recently talked about Google’s new call-only campaigns. Well, we can’t say Google isn’t timely, because just a few short weeks after launching call-only campaigns, they’ve released a Best Practices guide to help advertisers get the most out of this new advertising option: “Good Call: A Guide to Driving Calls with AdWords.”

What does this guide cover?

  • How to determine whether you should drive clicks and calls or calls only
  • The best ways to measure every call you drive
  • How to update your bidding and messaging to increase the calls you receive
  • What changes to make to increase your website’s value to callers

Another full, downloadable guide and a handy one-page checklist are up for grabs here. Or, check out this post for more details on what you’ll find inside.

And last but not least, the second part of Google’s Audience Insights series is available on the DoubleClick blog. Check it out.


What’s happening, Bing?

Have you upgraded to the latest Bing Ads Editor? Version 10.7 is available, and you should upgrade before March 31, 2015. Yes, by the end of this month, which you know will be here faster than you ever think possible.

Why the necessity? After March 31st, Bing will stop offering support to Bing Ads Editor version 10.4 and earlier. For a quick rundown of the features available in the latest version, like editable keyword text, improved get/post changes, usability improvements, and more, check out the release notes here. Or, if you’re just ready to download and get it over with, you can do that here.

Bing is running a YouTube series on campaign performance optimization. The fourth installment talks about the importance of having tightly synced, highly relevant keywords, ads, and landing pages to avoid wasted advertising spend. Check it out here and visit the Bing Ads YouTube channel for the other parts in this series.


Moving on to the rest of the web…

If you have a large AdWords account with multiple landing pages, those timeout errors are probably incredibly frustrating when scanning your links. Hanapin Marketing was experiencing the same frustration, so they decided to create a tool that would do the job without the pesky errors. And, they’re letting you use it, too – free. Check it out.

Limited budget campaigns – sound familiar? PPCHero has some excellent insights for maximizing your limited budget for the best results. Read it here.

Oh, and speaking of budgets, 3Q is on point with three valuable tips for staying under your monthly advertising budget. Read it here.

3Q Digital’s Digital Download series #10 covers Google Shopping. One to watch, download here.

How about a little fun? You know, with all your free time. Take “The Most Insanely Hard AdWords Quiz Ever” at Clix Marketing.

Since we’re on the subject of retargeting today, you should also check out Clix Marketing’s “8 Retargeting List Uses For Campaign Success” here.

WordStream outlines five ways Excel can make you better and faster at PPC. Check it out.

If you’re new to Google Shopping campaigns, WordStream’s tips and tricks for beginners will help you achieve success quickly. Read it here.


Think that’s enough reading material to get you through your weekend? Considering it’s an hour shorter than last weekend, and I think I blinked and last weekend was history, we better get the weekend started. Oh by the way, good news: It’s March, and hopefully by the end of this month we’ll be able to walk outside without getting immediate frostbite on your nose, ears, and toes. Enjoy your (short) weekend, all!