Last week was a tough one for Boston.  And, even though we breathed a collective sigh of relief on Friday night, things are still not back to “normal”.  They probably won’t be for a very long time, and will never be for those injured and families of those killed on Marathon Monday.  Our condolences to everyone impacted by the tragic events.


Let’s see what happened in the world of PPC last week.


First, from Google…..


Google AdWords provides a pretty detailed post about what they do with publishers who are “bad apples” and don’t adhere to Google’s advertising guidelines.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Better technology helps monitor clicks, impressions and also to scan partners’ sites and downloadable software to pick up bad content and bad practices (like artificial traffic) at a very granular level
  • Hundreds of manual reviewers work for Google to weed out advertisers who don’t adhere to these regulations and Google has doubled the rate that they review publisher’s sites
  • In 2012, there were 17% fewer bad actors than in the previous years
  • Finally, to protect customers from getting add-ons that they didn’t sign up for when installing software, Google has issued these new policies including that the download be pre-approved by Google; offer one-click, complete uninstall, and more.  Read the post for full details.

We always recommend using an Analytics program like Google Analytics in tandem with your PPC efforts.  Google Analytics’ blog has a good article last week detailing three options in-house (and we would argue any) practitioners should be using.  These options include event tracking, advanced segments, and shortcuts.  Are there others you would add?


Next, from Bing Ads……….


Bing, like Google, is also committed to fighting bad advertising on their network.  This article gives some pretty basic tips about how to protect your Bing Ads account from fraudulent activity.


Bing has a podcast here that answers frequently asked questions from Bing Ads advertisers.


Bing Ads is developing a Search Terms Report to help you add keywords and negative keywords directly through the Web UI’s Keywords tab.  Learn more here.


Finally, if you are advertising on Mother’s Day gifts & related terms, here are some tips on how to optimize your campaigns for Mother’s Day.


And, from elsewhere on the web…….


Did you hear about the test claiming that Bing search results led to five times more malware than Google?  Bing refutes those findings here.


Also from Search Engine Land, Google Earnings:  Q1 Revenue Rises and Paid Clicks up 20% though CPC Slips 4% YoY.  The title says it all!


Advertising:  A Brief History is a pretty awesome infographic that starts with the earliest known wall painting (aka the first billboard!) is created in 4000 BC and goes up to today with stats about how much is currently spent and more.


Finally, from Search Engine Watch, Using PLAs to Enhance, Not Encroach on SEM gives some tips to do just that.


That’s it for this week folks, stay safe and give your kids an extra hug.