March is here!  You know what that means?  Only two more months of winter in New England!!!!!!!


We hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Grab your coffee, put down your paper, and take 10 or 15 minutes to get caught up with this week’s top PPC news, and get a head start on the coming week, why don’t you?


First, from Google……


Have you attended any Learn with Google webinars about Enhanced Campaigns?  If so, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section.  Last Thursday there was one for sitelinks and call extensions.  We learned that you can now:

  • customize sitelinks at the ad group level, in addition to the campaign level. You can also customize sitelinks specifically for mobile devices.
  • schedule the specific dates, days of the week, or times of day for your call extensions and sitelinks, at either the ad group or campaign levels; and
  • AdWords reports now count phone calls as conversions


In an effort at cross-product promotion, the Google AdWords blog has another post on DoubleClick, which will be rolling out features from Enhanced Campaigns over the next few weeks.


AdWords terms & conditions have been updated in some countries, including North America.  If you don’t accept them within 45 days, your ad serving may be paused, so do it now!


AdWords Editor 10.0 is out!  Use it to manage Enhanced Campaigns now, or by June 28, 2013 when everyone will be required to.


As a kind of follow up to the big Enhanced Campaigns rollout, Google gives us a few examples on how some companies, including adidas and RadioShack are attributing mobile to in-store sales.  Measuring offline conversions related to online activity is always a challenge, but it’s useful to see how others do it!


Are you going to SMX West?  Check out the Google offerings here.


Next, straight outta Bing Ads……..


If you are brand new to advertising on Bing, check out this article on payment methods.


Now you can use Bing Ads Editor to request exceptions to multiple ad disapprovals at one time.


And the piece de resistance on the Bing Ads blog last week, a guest post from Boost CTR!  John shares tips on spring cleaning your Bing Ads account with ad rotation setting advice.  Check it out.


Finally, from Bing, see takeaways from the eTail West conference here and here.


And, from elsewhere on the Web….


Search Engine Land had several articles on Google releasing its Search Quality Guidelines for public consumption!  You can see the whole doc here.


A Guide To Understanding Big Testing & Massively Parallel Marketing answers the question how do you enable many marketers in an organization to run experiments at the same time without interfering with each other?


15 Tips To Launch A Successful Multilingual PPC Campaign has tips on just that.


From Search Engine Journal:  Are Search Engine Marketers Warming up to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns? Well are we?


Finally, As Google’s Search Share in China Shrinks, a New Competition Emerges.


Have a great week everyone!