I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the Super Bowl this week, especially considering all the controversy surrounding deflated footballs and all. Surprisingly, given that the Super Bowl is a pretty major event – the second biggest eating day of the year, if you missed that tidbit – the PPC world isn’t completely abuzz with Super Bowl advertising strategies and commentary.

Still, you’ll find some interesting insights on just how the digital world has shaped the Super Bowl experience, along with the usual search trends and perspectives from Think with Google, which never misses a beat when it comes to reporting on world events and their impacts on search queries, along with all the latest developments, new insights, feature rollouts, and news from the PPC world as a whole in this week’s roundup.



Let’s check in with Google…

The DoubleClick Advertiser blog outlines three New Year’s resolutions for brands for 2015, you know, in case you haven’t gotten around to making those yet. Their ideas are centered on programmatic buying, which the majority of marketers say is at the heart of their strategies for 2015. Actually, the majority of marketers are managing at least 20 percent of their ad spend programmatically already, and two-thirds plan to spend twice that over the next 12 months.

Bob Arnold, a digital marketer who has worked at Procter and Gamble, Kellogg, and is now Google’s North American Digital Media and Strategy lead, shares his top three New Year’s resolutions for brands for 2015, including:

  1. Measure what matters. Because why would you want to waste time and energy measuring stuff that doesn’t even matter?
  2. Be relentless about inventory quality. eMarketer predicts that 83% of all display buys will be programmatic by 2017, meaning inventory quality must be at the forefront of the priority list. You don’t want your inventory placed in questionable environments, do you?
  3. Make mobile and video a priority. ‘Nuff said. Really, how many times have we touched on the ever-increasing importance of mobile and video in the modern digital landscape? It’s no longer an option; time to jump on the bandwagon with both feet.

Check out DoubleClick’s post here, and if you want more details on Arnold’s recommendations, check it out at Think with Google.

Half of as measured are not viewed. This is a problem, wouldn’t you say? Google thinks so, too, so DoubleClick is rolling out some product updates that were announced at CES to make viewability more actionable for advertisers using the DoubleClick platform. That’s why DoubleClick made it possible for advertisers to buy only viewable impressions across the Google Display Network and built Active View viewability reporting into the DoubleClick platforms for display and video, both of which happened within the last year.

Now, though, DoubleClick is building on those capabilities even further with two new updates:

  • Viewability targeting in Doubleclick Bid Manager.If you use DoubleClick Bid Manager, you can now “measure and target impressions globally based on the historical viewability of an impression.” That means marketers can improve campaign performance in real-time, without the need to manually reallocate spend to find viewable impressions.
  • Viewability data in DoubleClick Ad Exchange bid requests. If you use AdExchange, you can now “see the historical viewability percentage for every impression when available.” This helps programmatic buyers make smarter decisions about the value of impressions before placing bids on Ad Exchange.

Find out how TalkTalk generated 94 percent more viewable impressions by reading this post.

Of course, Think with Google is always on top of trending topics and how real-world events impact search trends and the digital experience as a whole. And that means the Super Bowl is the topic du jour. First up, some insights from Adidas on content creation before the big game. Check it out.

Think with Google also talks about how the digital landscape means an event is no longer just an event. Using the Super Bowl as an example, what that means is it’s not just a football game that happens on a given day that you watch on TV. No, it’s now a month-long, multi-screen event on YouTube.

One of the most exciting things about the Super Bowl is the anticipation of seeing what crazy commercials the world’s biggest advertisers are spending millions of dollars on this year. But now, thanks to YouTube, fans (and non-fans who are simply media geeks) can catch a sneak peek of Super Bowl commercials before game day itself.

Consider this: Commercials released on YouTube before the day of the game drove approximately 2.5 times more views, on average, than commercials not released until game day. That’s ridiculous exposure for advertisers, and why not maximize your reach if you’re dropping that kind of cash on a 30-second spot that will air during a three-hour football game? For more stats and insights on the insanity that is the Super Bowl frenzy, check out this post.


And, a check-in with Bing…

Bing is offering a free webinar on February 10th, hosted by Bing experts Duane Forrester and Elizabeth Parker. They’ll be sharing insights on digital marketing and how basic digital tools can foster business growth for companies offering cloud products and solutions. For more details or to register, hit up this post from Bing.

If you advertise with Bing, you’ve probably been wishing for faster performance data. Bing heard its users’ pleas and is delivering by providing data on clicks and impressions within an hour – which could formerly take up to four hours to be available. There are a slew of reports that will now be available within the hour. Read this post to find out what data is now readily available to you.

What’s coming up in Bing Ads in 2015? Well, if 2014 was any indication, we can expect Bing to continuously step up its game and fast-track new features and capabilities to advertisers. For specifics on what to expect, read what Bing Ads engineers have to say about priorities and prospects for 2015 here.


Let’s get the scoop from around the web…

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I won’t ask what team you’re rooting for this Sunday, but I will say enjoy the game! Have a great weekend, folks!