Did anyone catch the first glimpse of the Supermoon last night?  We are planning to go outside at moonrise time to see it this evening.  That is, if we can get up the courage to leave our air conditioned house for a minute!


Without further delay, here’s this week’s hottest PPC news.


First, from Google………..


A cool new feature from Enhanced Campaigns will be the ability to add custom descriptions to your Sitelinks.  There’s less than a month until the mandatory switchover to Enhanced Campaigns.  Are you ready?


Have a hard time making a case for Display?  Now, when display ads are viewed either on the Google Display Network, or video ads on YouTube, and a viewer later visits your website and converts, you’ll be able to trace this in  Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels reporting.  Note that GDN Impression Reporting is now available through limited whitelist. You can sign-up through this form to participate.


Inventory aware campaigns are kind of the brave, new frontier.  Now, these campaigns in DoubleClick Search can automatically create ad groups, ads, and keywords based on your settings.  Your Google Merchant Center feed is monitored by Google for changes, and then makes updates based on inventory changes.  Check out details here.


Now, from Bing Ads……..


Bing Ads has added location extensions for advertisers in the UK.  Learn more about these extensions, how to create them, how to import business locations and more here.  There are also some cool new features in location extensions, including “click to directions”, multiple locations and more!


The Bing Ads Intelligence Excel add-in has some cool new features, including a new ribbon at the top of your page, performing keyword and bid research in a single spreadsheet, easily importing bulk keywords back into your Bing account, and more.


And, from elsewhere on the World Wide Web………


Search Engine Land has a very cool new series on Dashboards!  The first one,  Creating Combination Charts In Excel, is chock full of tips to help you piece out: year-over-year data, visits vs. bounce rate, revenue vs. conversion rate, and campaign cost vs. conversions to name a few.


And, here’s a SEL article on PLAs (hope you like acronyms!)


From Search Engine Watch, AdWords Flexible Bid Strategies gives flexible bid strategies gives an overview of this feature including directions to where they live in the AdWords Shared Library.  Check it out.


That’s it for this week folks!  Have a great week and go see the Supermoon tonight!