Well, we’re not at SXSW this year, but wish we were!  Are any of you?  If so, take a little break for a quick recap of this week’s most important PPC news.  If not, well, cheer up!  Clearly you are on the cutting edge already if you’re on the Boost CTR blog!


First, from Google…………


AdWords Enhanced Campaigns have various location-oriented features which make it “simple to increase or lower your bids by a certain percent for any location target in your campaign” and” assign a bid adjustment to your location extension target to increase your ad’s visibility when customers are near your business.”  See specific instructions for taking advantage of the new location-oriented features in AdWords Enhanced Campaigns here.


Speaking of SXSW, today you should stop by the Google Playground to see demos of Art, Copy & Code experiments, which “recreate some of the advertising industry’s most iconic, classic campaigns using the latest technology tools.”  Pretty cool.


Finally from Google for this week, a new DoubleClick infographic gives 7 questions to ask when choosing a bid management tool.  These include: whether a tool can you meet and express goals richly, how fresh the data used in decision making is, and how quickly the platform can make decisions.


Now, from Bing………..


According to eMarketer, “online ad spending in the US is expected to more than double by 2016 and grow from $2.56 billion in 2011 to $5.58 billion, so Bing has this article on optimizing your 2013 travel season-related campaigns.  It recommends doing so in March, so get to it!  See the whole article and tips here.


Are you a UK advertiser on Bing Ads?  If so, on the 20th of March at 10AM GMT, Bing Ads experts will be hosting a free webinar from their London offices – especially for advertisers in the UK.


Also, Sitelink extensions are no2 available for Bing/Yahoo ads targeting the UK!


Finally, from Bing Ads, if you want to go to SMX West, Bing is offering a discount! Use this code: SMXW13bing and receive a 10 percent discount. Check out their list of sessions here.


From elsewhere on the Internet…………..


Drilling Into Top Conversion Paths For Valuable Insights from Search Engine Land gives some really tactical ways to drill down your conversion path using filters.  Great article.


Enhanced Campaigns: The Future Is Now also from SEL gives some commentary on the new platform.


Another conversion article from SEL this week, Why You Should Give Some Of Your PPC Spend To A Conversion Optimizer, argues that allocating some of your budget to a conversion optimizer is critical to maximizing ad spend.


That’s all for this week.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

Image via SXSW