So, they say 2015 is the Year of Mobile. No, really this time. Clearly, there’s no question that mobile has been dominating digital advertising discussions – and efforts – for several years. Still, some advertisers aren’t yet taking advantage of mobile PPC advertising to capitalize on the ever-growing mobile audience.

In today’s Weekly PPC Update, lots of news and tutorials focused on mobile advertising, along with some industry insights and a few intriguing charts that will make the case that mobile PPC is a must, once and for all.

With the holiday season approaching and more consumers poised to conduct shopping research and make purchases via their smartphones and tablets, there’s no time to waste. Let’s get to today’s PPC updates so you can start putting these tools and tips to use in preparation for the 2015 holiday advertising season.


Let’s see what’s happening in the Googleverse…

Google has been working on making improvements to hotel search for the past few months, with a two-fold goal: to make it easier for travelers to find and book accommodations, and to make it easier for hotels to generate more qualified leads from search.

Now, Google is bringing a few additional changes to Hotel Ads on Google:

  • Broader availability of the Google Hotel Ads Commission program
  • An expansion of the Book on Google feature to more partners
  • More amenity information provided right within Google Search

These changes and additions mean that the dedicated site for Hotel Finder will be going by the wayside – immediately, in fact. There’s no need for the dedicated site when all the information travelers will need will be readily available within Search.

Smaller, independent hotels can now take advantage of Google Hotel Ads with the Google Hotel Ads Commission Program, which uses an industry-standard commission basis rather than cost-per-click. While this program has been tested successfully with a small group of independent hotels, Google has increased availability thanks to partnerships with leading hotel technology solutions providers. For all the details on the new options for hotel advertising on Google, including updates to Book on Google, check out this post.

Ready to start winning the shift to mobile? You’re in luck, because Google has released a comprehensive guide, Micro-Moments: Your Guide to Winning the Shift to Mobile, packed with insights, strategies, and real customer examples of mastering the new mobile climate. Get it here.

Moms are still a hot ticket for advertisers, as the primary decision-makers with purchasing power in many families. And moms are increasingly turning to YouTube for answers to their daily questions. Find out how moms are making use of YouTube – and what it means for you as an advertiser, in this post from Think with Google.

Retailers, take note: Consumers have more power than your brand. It’s true that in the modern marketing and advertising climate, consumers are presented with more knowledge and more choices than ever before, giving them the upper hand in almost every scenario. At Think with Google, Steve Dennis of SageBerry Consulting presents a strategic growth model for retailers in the context of the new climate in this post.


Checking in with Bing…

Bing says it’s the “Year of Mobile”…again…but this time, it’s for real. More importantly, the explosive growth across smartphones and tablets means that advertisers who aren’t yet optimizing for these users are missing a huge opportunity.

Of course, optimizing for mobile isn’t a simple, straightforward task. But there are a few ways you can analyze your mobile advertising efforts. The Bing Ads Reports center is your one-stop shop for every reporting metric you could possibly want to analyze, and for mobile, it provides functionality like selecting device types and operating systems to evaluate your performance with certain types of mobile users.

In this post, Bing walks you through, step-by-step, showing you precisely how to analyze and optimize your mobile performance in Bing Ads. It’s a must-read, or, if you’re like me and have an Evernote that’s reaching epic lengths with all kinds of useful articles and tutorials saved – this is one to add to the list.


And a check-in with our favorite PPC blogs…

In this post, PPC Hero walks you through how to better analyze display network placements at the ad level, and in another post, three ways custom labels improve product ads ROI. If you’re taking advantage of Twitter Ads, you’ll also want to check out this post on how to improve Twitter research to improve ad performance.

You’re probably familiar with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), but what about ASO? That means App Store Optimization, and it’s a topic worthy of discussion given how apps have become immersed in the digital marketing playbook. 3Q Digital tells you everything you need to know to get it done and done right in its Complete Guide to ASO. Read it here.

SEO, app indexing, and deep links…all this terminology surrounding mobile apps can be quite confusing, but 3Q Digital cuts through the confusion in this post.

Clix Marketing takes a look at the many e-commerce advertising toys – er, tools – we have at our disposal and highlights some of the latest cool tools you can put to use. Check it out here. is taking off in Google Shopping – but what does the newcomer’s success mean for advertisers? Merkle|RKG discusses the implications in this post.

Not quite convinced you should be running mobile PPC ads? WordStream shows off five charts that might just change your mind in this post.

Have you checked out LinkedIn’s new campaign management tool? Find out why WordStream loves it – and why you should be using it – in this post.

And last but not least, one thing you should absolutely do before you start planning your holiday advertising campaigns (or any marketing or advertising campaign, really): create buyer personas. Even if you’ve already done this, WordStream’s post with tips on how to create buyer personas that are scary accurate is worth reading to determine if your personas need an accuracy overhaul. Read it here.


Another week in the books, another upcoming weekend to enjoy. Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!