It’s that time of the week again: Time for your weekly PPC tips, news, and insights. Before we dive in, though, a bit of housekeeping business. As you may (or may not) have realized, Christmas just so happens to fall on a Friday this year. I reluctantly acknowledge that most of you probably have better things to do that morning than to spend them with yours truly (sniff). So with that in mind, you’ll still get your weekly PPC, but on Thursday the 24th instead.

And speaking of mornings, how many of you are going to be up bright and early on New Year’s Day rushing to your laptop so you can read the week’s PPC news? That’s what I thought. So, we’ll follow the same schedule both of those weeks – and because I know it would be a travesty to go two entire weeks without me, you can tune in to the Boost Blog on Thursday, December 24th and Thursday, December 31st instead of Friday for your weekly fix.

Alright, now let’s see what’s been happening in the world of PPC this week.


What’s new with Google? 

Do you fully understand your automated bid strategies? Google has introduced some new reporting features that makes gaining key insights into your campaign performance easier than ever and will save you time troubleshooting issues that could be hindering your results. Here’s what’s new:

  • New status annotations enhance bid strategy statuses with additional insight to help you decide if and how to take action.
  • Status over time reporting maps bid strategy statuses along the bottom of the performance graph, which helps you understand what may be influencing bid strategy performance for your chosen date range.
  • Target over time reporting maps your historical targets over performance data to provide better context.

If you want to learn more or just need a refresher on AdWords automated bidding, check out Google’s best practices or visit this guide that explains Google’s unique, auction-time bidding technology. More details on the latest reporting enhancements await you in this post.

New, interactive ads are now available in Beta to help drive app installs. Did you know that one in four installed apps is never even used? Two new rich, immersive ad experiences can now aid developers in attracting users, encouraging installs, and boosting engagement:

  • Trial Run Ads – This innovative ad format enables advertisers to play a game for up to 60 seconds within an ad by streaming content from the app before downloading.
  • Interactive Interstitial ads – These HTML 5 ads provide a completely customized user experience tailored to each advertiser’s app, giving advertisers creative freedom to use HTML5 instead of standard templates and pull in data dynamically – and they’re not just limited to gaming ads.

Learn more and find out which marketers are already taking advantage of these new ad formats to drive app installs in this post.

YouTube is proving to be quite the powerhouse for advertisers. In this post, Think with Google examines how YouTube expands the reach and engagement of video advertising, highlighting impressive possibilities such as increasing the millennial audience your ads reach by 42% or multiplying engagement 10x.

Are gamers part of your audience strategy? Perhaps they should be. In fact, gamers can be a pretty attractive audience for advertisers in any category, according to Kim Thompson, SVP group client director of digital, MediaVest. Find out why in this post.


Checkin’ in with Bing…

Are you a control freak? It’s okay. You kind of have to be to be a PPC advertiser or campaign manager. But, that very characteristic that made many campaign managers so very effective at their jobs is now being put to the test with automated…everything. Not to fear, Bing has some tips for campaign automation for control freaks just like us. Check it out here.

Okay, so you know how I’m always enthusiastically jumping into the holiday season rush, talking about the importance of planning your campaigns and all that? Well, I must admit I’m slightly less enthusiastic about tax season. Nonetheless, tax season is looming around the corner. Lucky for some of you, tax season marks yet another big PPC opportunity if you play your cards right. Get some advance tips to get a head start on optimizing for the upcoming tax season in this post from Bing.

Now that that painful discussion is out of the way (for now), let’s talk about something we can actually get excited about: reaching customers in these last few weeks of the holiday season. Bing offers up some last-minute tips such as:

  • Checking your ad spends regularly to ensure that your campaigns are getting maximum visibility
  • Double-check your promotional schedule to make sure promotional ad copy is ready to launch and scheduled appropriately so your ads aren’t running beyond promotion expiration dates
  • Check regularly for runaway keywords that should be added to your negative keywords
  • Don’t forget to capture year-end sales as consumers are happily spending away any Christmas cash and gift cards they received

Details on these tips and a few more tidbits in this post.


What do the popular PPC bloggers have to say this week? 

Who were the most influential conversion rate experts in 2015? Check out this post for PPC Hero’s top 25 picks.

Need to improve your account performance, and fast? Get five tips you can implement today in this post, also from PPC Hero.

3Q Digital has a few analytics predictions for 2016. Read them here.

For some expert bid management tips, the Complete AdWords Audit Part 13 from Certified Knowledge is a must-read. Check it out.

For more on this whole business of automation, you should check out this post from Clix Marketing which offers insights on whether you’re doing the whole automation thing right. And, if you’re still coming up short for a New Year’s resolution, consider one of these PPC New Year’s resolutions for 2016.

On The RKGBlog, this video examines the current state of organic search growth, which, as most of us are painfully aware, is on the decline.

These 23 brilliant marketing quotes were totally stolen from me. I wish – and you’ll probably wish you said them, too. Check out this post from WordStream for some of the greatest marketing quotes ever.

For a few years, some people tried to say that email marketing was dead. Clearly it’s not, but it’s certainly a different animal than it once was. For instance, email marketing is now best when combined with other marketing initiatives. Such as PPC, for example, which can help you get 10x more out of your email campaigns. Find out how in this post.


And that’s a wrap for another week in PPC. A few weeks left in 2015, and much to do. Make it a great weekend!