If you are a B2C advertiser, you’re likely in full swing PPC mode for the next couple weeks, so listen close to all the good stuff that will help your campaigns run smooth like butter and bring home the bacon for you/your clients this holiday season.  (We are kind of hungry right now – forgive the butter/bacon).


First, let’s see what’s new out of Mountain View……….


Are you a Google Trusted Store? You should be!  Google Trusted Stores now helps to power seller ratings, which show on AdWords text ads as well as Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping.  The application process isn’t too hard.  You can learn more about Trusted Stores and sign up to be one here.


Here’s a handy dandy Holiday Checklist from Google Ads to make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row for advertising via AdWords this holiday season.


Have you transitioned into being a Google Partner?  It replaces Agency Edge, Google Certification Program, and Engage for Agencies into one interface.  Get your badge today!


Make sure you’re running the best ads this holiday season.  If you aren’t using auto optimization, here are some ways to do manual testing for the short term courtesy of Google:  Directional: Pick the ad that is in the lead at this moment; Referential: Look for trends in messaging within your high volume ad groups; Indeterminate: Continue to wait until your tests get more information.  Read the in-depth article here.


A recent holiday study shows that 84% of consumers who are likely to use a mobile or tablet device while shopping this holiday season, will start shopping on one device and finish on another.  What do you think about the Estimated Total Conversions feature new to AdWords?  Are you using it in reporting?  Do you think it’s a true measure of multi-channel conversions?


Finally, from Google….do you use TrueView?  Here are some reasons to with Earned Actions.


Now, let’s see what’s up with Bing/Yahoo…………..


There’s not a whole lot from Bing/Yahoo in terms of new product releases (but you can see a rundown many recent upgrades in 2013 here), but some good insights to use in 2014.


Finance vertical insights from Bing/Yahoo UK give us some good ideas about keyword trending, mobile trends, and season spikes.  Check out the post here.


Bing Ads also has some ideas for you in optimizing your Creative.  See what they have to say about capitalization, punctuation, keyword insertion and Quality Score here.


Did you see the top Bing Searches for 2013 released this past week?  Mostly pop culture stuff – but good to see Beyonce nudging out Kim Kardashian for most searched person of the year 😉  !!!!


That’s it for this week folks; be careful out there and have a great next week!