Having kids means wrestling them out of bed on school mornings, and then being woken up by them at the same time on the weekends.  Not cool!


Well, what better way to start the weekend than with the past week’s latest and greatest PPC news?  Let’s get to it.


First, from Google…..


Have you used Dynamic Search Ads?  Google says that they are getting an average of 5-10% increase in clicks, conversions and ROI.  Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look.  Here are some tips on optimizing Dynamic Search Ads.  Here’s a webinar that provides an overview of what Dynamic Search Ads are.


Image Extensions are here!  So cool.  Obviously, we were thrilled about the addition of Sitelinks to AdWords, and this feels very much the same.  Get your ad to stand out big time by signing up for the beta here or contacting your AdWords account manager.


See Search Engine Land’s compilation of industry responses to this recent addition here. Many people are saying that Image Extensions will help advertisers who aren’t eligible for Product Listing Ads because they don’t have a MPN or UPI.


Here is Search Engine Watch’s recap of the Image Extensions announcement.


For something a little different, Google examined how Google search and paid ad click patterns can predict box office revenue. Learn some interesting nuggets like “Moviegoers search differently for big movie releases” by checking out the full report here.


Next, from Bing Ads……………


From the Bing Ads Academy series: Creating and Optimising Sitelink Extensions includes tips like:  keep them short, include offers, and include a call to action.  Also, here is a post on Enhanced Ad Extension reporting with Click Type – now available from Bing Ads.  Note that this is “coming soon”.


Here are some optimization tips for Bing Ads especially for real estate advertisers.  And here is a very similar post for UK property/real estate advertisers.


Bid adjustments are getting a makeover in the Bing/Yahoo platform.  You’ll see that these look eerily similar to what’s going on over in Google’s Enhanced Campaigns.  You can read all about incremental bid adjustments Bing-style here.


Finally, a post encouraging you to use different landing pages by match type, which makes a lot of sense!


That brings us up to speed for this week, folks.  Enjoy your weekends!