Google has been eerily quiet this week. Is Google planning its next big move in its quest for world domination? Time will tell.

But that’s not to say there’s not a lot of PPC news this week. On the contrary; this week, I have tons of valuable tips and tidbits for optimizing your keywords, better campaign planning tools from Bing Ads, the must-have holiday advertising planning guide, and some insights on the “Seven Deadly Sins of PPC” from WordStream, to name a few.

So, let’s see what’s up in the PPC universe, shall we?


Let’s see what’s up with Google…

Quiet week in Google-land this week. What’s the deal? Perhaps the Google savants were all recovering from a busy Labor Day weekend, you think? Maybe they partied a little too hard. Or maybe they’re busy plotting away in secret their next mission in their ongoing quest to own all of the things.

Ad injectors can hurt user experience, jeopardize user security, and generate significant volumes of unwanted ads, and Google has been making an effort to raise awareness of the ad injection economy in recent months. Basically, nobody likes ad injectors, including users, advertisers, and publishers. If you’re a DoubleClick user, there’s an automated filter on DoubleClick Bid Manager to prevent advertisers from buying injected ads across the web. It’s a newer system that detects ad injection and proactively creates a blacklist that prevents its systems from bidding on injected inventory – meaning any advertisers and agencies using the DoubleClick platforms are already protected, without the need to make any adjustments or changes. More on this here.

That’s all that’s new to report from Google this week, but don’t worry. No doubt the Google blogs will be jam-packed with more updates on new features and functionality next week that will help you go further in your own little quest for world (or niche, as it may be) domination.


What’s happening with Bing?

Bing Ads has unveiled a new Keyword Planner, with some awesome new features you’re going to love. Bing’s new one-stop shop for planning fantastic PPC campaigns will help you address some of the most common problems and questions that come along with planning any PPC campaign, such as:

  • Discovering traffic-driving keywords to boost campaign performance
  • Defining the most relevant keywords that describe your business
  • Researching the best bid price for your keywords for a competitive advantage

With the new Keyword Planner, you can get new keyword and ad group suggestions with historical statistics, such as search volume trends and marketplace competition intensity, refine your keyword selection by location and network targeting, and filter results using historical statistics. What’s more, you can get a clear picture of how your keyword selections might perform at different bids and budgets, with a bid landscape graph showing overall estimations and detailed estimations in a simple table format.

If you get keyword results you’re satisfied with, you can easily add ad groups or keywords to your account by creating a new campaign or adding them to an existing campaign, right from within the Keyword Planner. Get more details about the new features and capabilities available to you in the new Bing Ads Keyword Planner in this post.

Have you checked out the #AskBingAds video series? Basically, you’re getting an opportunity to drive the content that you see on the Bing Ads Blog. If you have questions you’d like the experts at Bing to provide insight on, hit them up using #AskBingAds on Twitter and each month, they’ll address the most popular and timely topics that come up in a short video on the blog. Oh, and if your question is chosen, they’ll let you know in advance, and you might even score some Bing Ads swag. Check out the first video here.

If you’re working with a limited budget and it’s limiting your campaign’s ad delivery, Lower Bid Opportunity is just what you’ve been waiting for. It’s a new optimization feature from Bing Ads that will make better use of your limited budget to get you more clicks. Previously, monitoring your bids and clicks could be a time-consuming process and it could be difficult to know when lowering bids would have a negative impact on clicks. Now, however, the Lower Bid Opportunity helps you pinpoint when lowering bids could actually help you get more clicks at the same cost — or even lower. Brilliant, huh? Read more about it here.


And on to the rest of the web…

There’s no denying it now: It’s September, and the holidays are creeping up rapidly. That means it’s time to start planning your 2015 holiday advertising campaigns, and PPC Hero has just the guide you need to get started. Check out this post for tips on how to evaluate your year-over-year performance, refine your retargeting campaigns and strategy, and what new tools and options you can’t afford to ignore this holiday season.

In another post from PPC Hero, you’ll find out how to boost your PPC strategy by focusing on where your users are going. Check it out here.

Migrating PPC traffic to a new landing page? In this post from 3Q Digital, you’ll learn valuable tips for ensuring a smooth transition.

If you’re an SMB, you’re definitely going to want to check out 3Q Digital’s handy breakdown of tools and platforms for SEO. Read it here.

Clix Marketing takes a look at the shifting landscape (read: everything is mobile) and how a shift in your attitude can help you prepare for mobile advertising success. Check it out.

The PPC landscape is increasingly crowded. So how do you stand out from the crowd? “Merkle|RKG’s EVP of Marketing Strategy, Ryan Gibson, moderates a panel with Merkle|RKG clients Harman and Wine Enthusiast as they discuss strategies that help them to stand out in a crowded field of competitors,” in this must-watch video.

This month, WordStream is running a series on “The Seven Deadly Sins of PPC.” First up: Gluttony, followed by Greed. Be sure to check those out and stay tuned on the WordStream blog for the remaining #ppcsins.

Looking for some simple ways to optimize your keywords? Check out these three no-brainer keyword optimization tips from WordStream in this post.


Well, if you are, in fact, on a quest to dominate your niche, you probably have more than a few things on your to-do list, no? Time to get back to your mission. Until next week, my friends!