Are you watching?  We are about to, but need to take care of business first!


Let’s see what’s new out of Mountain View and elsewhere!


First, from Google………..


New PLAs – Shopping Campaigns:  “Shopping campaigns streamline how you manage and bid on your products, report on your performance, and find opportunities to grow your traffic from Google.”  Key benefits include:  Retail-centric ways to manage your products, advanced reporting to measure product performance, competitive data to seize your opportunity.  Check out the whole post for details.  Also, here’s a link to a Learn with Google about his new feature.


AdRank Now Includes Ad Extensions:  All things being equal, Google will now give preference to ads that include useful extensions like phone numbers, Sitelinks, etc.


Now, let’s see what’s new at Bing Ads………..


Bing Being Used in More Search Experiences:  You’ve probably heard that Windows 8.1’s Smart Search will include results from Bing, alongside results from your own computer.  This and other recent additions make it clear that Bing isn’t content to play second fiddle.


Bing Ads Billing Improvements:  Now you can have backup billing, customer specified billing thresholds and other useful features.  Check it out.


Bing Ads Quality Score:  As you’ve seen above, Google’s added an additional element to Quality Scores – relevancy based on ad extensions.  This breakdown of Bing’s Quality Score Guidelines provides a high level view of keyword relevance to ad relevance to landing page relevance.


Now, from elsewhere on the web………


Search Engine Land has Is Bing a Better Buy than Google for AdWords for Small Business? A recent study shows that Bing Ads may be “more efficient” for certain verticals.


On a kind of related note, Microsoft’s FY2014 Q1 Earnings Report shows that they had 47% growth in ad revenue.  Likely due to the huge steps forward the platform has made over the past year.


Here’s what Search Engine Journal has to say about the new Quality Score update highlighted above and what it means for your business.  The moral of the story, according to the article, is that ad extensions will improve your Quality Score, though it’s speculated that CPCs will likely increase.


Also, from SEJ – Facebook Ads will begin offering custom audiences to all customers.  This allows advertisers to use their own contact lists to target Facebook users.


That’s it for this week folks!  Enjoy the precious last few hours of your weekend and have a great week!