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  • What does Potential Revenue mean?
    • Potential Revenue represents the amount of money you would make if you were to win every contest that you are currently participating in.
  • What do the dots on the chart represent?
    • Each dot represents a contest which you are participating in. Its position on the vertical axis (Action Rate) shows how much better (positive numbers) or worse (negative numbers) you are performing versus the Champion Ad. Its position on the horizontal axis (Confidence) shows how sure we are that the Action Rate is true.
  • My account balance didn’t zero out when I was paid last Tuesday. Why is that?
    • Pay periods go from Monday to Sunday, and we pay on Tuesdays. So if you win a contest on a Monday, you will not be paid for it the next day, but rather the following Tuesday.
  • I wasn’t paid correctly for my winnings: what do I do?
    • If you think that you were paid incorrectly, just let us know; we’re happy to check into it.
  • How does payment work?
    • BoostCTR pays writers weekly on Tuesday. We can pay in any country, in any currency, via a few different methods. In the US, you can have your winnings wired to you, sent via ACH, check, or PayPal. On other countries, there are similar options – update your country on the Payment Info tab of your Account & Settings page to find out. To be paid, you must have the entire set of forms filled out.
  • Do I pay taxes on my earnings with BoostCTR?
    • Yes, you do. If you are paid through PayPal, they handle it for you. If you are paid via ACH, check, or wire, then, depending on how much you’ve earned, you could be sent a 1099-MISC which you can then report to the government. In other countries, taxes could apply as well – you’ll receive the equivalent of a 1099 during tax time.


  • How is my score calculated?
    • First, you can only be on the leaderboard if you have had 15 contests finish minimum over your lifetime as a writer. Once you’ve participated in 15 contests, then we calculate your score by taking your Accept Rate x Win Rate x Submission Multiplier. Your Accept Rate is the percent of time that your ad is accepted by the advertiser, leaving out reasons that aren’t your fault (e.g., needing to add a new contest guideline). Win Rate is the percent of the time that, in a contest, your ad performs higher than the Champion Ad. Note that you could lose a contest, but still have performed higher than the Champion (if another Challenger was higher than you and therefore won). The Submissions Multiplier looks at how many ads you submitted in the past 90 days, ranks you versus the other writers in the leaderboard on their number of submissions, and gives a value from .5 to 1.5. This means that more writing can increase your score in the short term, but great writing is still required to be at the top.

To Do

  • I tried to resubmit a rejected ad, but it disappeared. What happened?
    • The To-Do page only lets you know that you can resubmit an ad; it does not reserve the ad for you. Sometimes another writer will see the contest for which your ad has been rejected, and will snap it up before you can have time to edit and resubmit.

Submissions -> Active Submissions

  • What is does pending mean?
    • Pending means that your ad is waiting to be reviewed either by our Lead Writers, or by the advertiser.
  • How long will my ad be pending?
    • This can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks. For any customer that we’re not actively managing, we automatically accept any submissions for their account in two weeks.
  • How do I figure out the performance of my ad?
    • There are a few statuses to know here.
      • “Insufficient Impressions” means that there is not enough data to even calculate based off of just yet.
      • “Champ” means that the Champion ad is in first place.
      • “Challenger” means that you are in first place.
      • “Other Challenger” means that another Challenger ad is in first place
      • # of # lets you know what position you are in (first #) out of the other Challengers (second #).
      • Example: Champ, 1 of 2 means that the Champion ad is in first place, but that your ad is the highest of the 2 Challengers.
      • Performance: the % you are higher or lower than the Champion ad
      • Confidence: how confident the data suggests that performance number is.
  • What does “Action” mean in the upper right?
    • This option allows you to edit your ad, and is only available when your ad is pending review.
  • Its been more than 14 days and 90% confidence on my ad. Why has it not won yet?
    • We generally make win decisions based off of 14 days and 90% confidence. Two things can make this different. Sometimes the advertiser will accept another ad for the same contest after they accepted yours, and this restarts the contest, meaning that the 14 day period starts over. At other times, our advertisers like to make decisions based off of multiple criteria. For example, what if your ad was winning on CTR, but another ad was winning on CPC? The win would depend on what the advertiser is interested in selecting for, which is why they need time to sign in and review all the data. Patience is best for these situations – the contest will finish soon.
  • My contest was winning, but it quickly flipped to losing. What happened?
    • This happens when there is not a lot of data. Say you’re working on a tail ad group (Buy Dell Inspiron E1405) where the contest decision is being made off of conversions. You could have very little data for weeks! Then, a holiday comes, and everyone is searching for Dell Inspiron E1405. Whereas before the holiday, your ad could have been winning based off of 10 conversions, after the holiday 15 people clicked on the other ad, and then yours will be losing. Just know that the opposite does happen as well – sometimes you’ll be down, but will quickly come back!

Submissions -> Completed Submissions

  • What does insufficient impressions mean?
    • This represents a “Pay-On-Accept” submission which was accepted, but does not have enough data to show stats.
  • How do I tell if I was paid for my wins here?
    • Click into the ‘Reports’  tab above – that’s a better place to see your winnings.
  • This rejection reason is unfair! What can I do?
    • Email us. BoostCTR is a premium service to our customers, which means that to some degree, we allow them to reject ads based on their personal preferences. We’ll work with you to determine if the rejection is truly unfair.

Contest Search

  • What are the two types of contests?
    • Each Accepted Ad: these are ads that only need to be accepted by the advertiser for you to be paid the prize value. These are lower risk, lower reward, and shorter time frame.
    • Each Winning Ad: these are ads that need to be accepted by the advertiser AND perform the highest in a minimum 14-day contest. These are higher risk, higher reward, and longer time frame.
  • Why is the number of contests that I see different than the Daily Contests email I received?
    • Some contests are higher priority to us – say if they only need one submission to get started, or if they have been waiting for a submission for a few days. Our system dynamically prioritizes the contests so that you can see just the most important ones.

Creating an Ad

  • The champion ad violates the contest guidelines. Which do I base my ad off of?
    • Advertisers often want to change directions with some of their ad copy when they begin working with us. You must follow the advertiser guidelines when creating an ad, do not follow the champion ad if it violates the guidelines.
  • How can I ask a question about a contest?
    • You can communicate with the advertiser through the message board on the contest details page.
  • What are the rules of participating in contests?
    • In general it is your best interest to write an ad that will improve performance by looking at past ads and keywords and landing pages associated with the ad group. Slight tweaks to old ads can yield improvements but over time creating more radical ads that go in a new direction are needed to continue to improve performance. Advertisers also have negative keywords that cannot be used in ads and you must follow the Google ad guidelines as well. All ads must be approved by the advertiser before they are entered into the contest.
  • Can I use DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion) in Ads?
    • Yes, just use the same {KeyWord:} syntax as normal.
  • Can I change the display URL?
    • Yes, but the root URL must stay the same?
  • The champion ad is in a different language than the requested language. What do I do?
    • Let us know – this is likely an error.
  • Why can I not capitalize something that’s clearly an acronym?
    • This is likely an error – just submit the ad without the acronym capitalized, and we’ll edit it for you.