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The 2015 Search Insider's Guide to Creative Optimization

The evolution of paid search techniques and tools have helped marketers optimize ad placements with increasing levels of sophistication. But when it comes to creating ad copy, many marketers are still relying on the same templates and formulaic processes they’ve used for years. As a result, the search engine results page is crowded with lookalike ads and copycat messaging that fail to motivate the customer to take action.


How can marketers stand out from the competition when everyone takes the same template- based approach? As the main differentiating factor between your keyword ad and your competitor’s, creative should be the most important part of your campaigns.


Creative optimization remains the last mile of the digital marketing cloud. Optimizing ad creative allows digital marketers to make a more personalized, one-to-one connection with customers, optimize marketing messaging strategies, and increase campaign profitability.


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