Beachbody Gains Results

How does a leading, creator of the nation’s most popular in-home fitness programs gain a competitive edge in the marketplace while continuing to increase efficiency? For Beachbody, the answer was to utilize the Boost ad management platform to optimize their most valued ad groups and drive ad relevance at scale.

About Beachbody
Beachbody® is the creator of the nation’s most popular in-home fitness programs, including P90X®, Slim in 6®, and many more. As a PPC advertiser, Beachbody®’s strategy team manages multiple accounts and thousands of ad groups. Operating in a highly competitive keyword market, Beachbody®’s ad copy combines a high number of calls to action with a variety of adjectives to attract searchers to its products.

Beachbody Increases CTR Using Boost and Optimizing Highest Volume Ad Groups and Terms


  • Beachbody increases conversion by 98%
  • Beachbody saved over 32 hours on testing, writing and reporting on ads in a 5 months over 110 ads
  • Beachbody gained valuable insights through consistent ad creative testing


Like many business divisions, the Beachbody PPC management team is under pressure from C-level executives to drive business results in their respective departments. With that in mind, getting the best ROI for your ad campaigns is crucial. But the reality is that with large ad group sizes, it is extremely difficult to optimize ad performance across all of their accounts using a templated process. Often times, PPC Teams will settle for less than optimal results.


Boost audited Beachbody®’s account to find its best performing ads. Armed with these insights, Boost’s network of ad creatives were able to improve both BeachBody®’s brand and non-brand targeted ads. This resulted in both driving more site traffic and boosting sales.

Boost also takes an iterative approach to copywriting and testing. Because it may not always be possible to generate winning copy in the first round of a contest, a new testing feature was introduced to allow contests with sufficient impression volume to accept multiple writer submissions. The benefit of multi-ad testing is that it allows advertisers to run multiple contests on the same ad group simultaneously – at no additional fee.


In order to test a larger portion of Beachbody®’s account, Boost employed advanced testing technology to run tests on hundreds of ad groups simultaneously. These ad groups shared similar copy features such as CTAs or descriptive adjectives. One of the results from Boost’s account audit found that the CTA “Get Ripped Now” outperformed all other CTAs