iProspect Sets New Industry Standard

How does a leading, global digital marketing agency bring a new level of sophistication to its industry without distracting itself from its strategic engagements with clients?

About iProspect
With 2,000 specialists in 60 offices across 43 countries, iProspect is a trusted business partner to some of the world’s most powerful brands. As a leading digital performance agency, we work to reach the right customers at the right time with the right message. They create experiences that transform consumer intent into action.They ensure that our clients maximize their digital marketing programs to grow their overall business.

iProspect Sets New Industry Standard by Using Boost


  • iProspect was able to quickly produce ad creative for their two clients
  • iProspect was able to automate ad testing
  • iProspect was able to deliver additional value to their clients, strengthening their client-agency relationship


 Like many marketing agencies, iProspect often finds itself under pressure to quickly produce hundreds or even thousands of ad creative ideas to support client promotions. But the reality is that it’s nearly impossible to churn out this volume of creative at high quality while managing all other aspects of multiple client engagements. This is especially true in an agency setting where in-house copywriting teams often gravitate to long-form, illustrious ads rather than short ad creative. Yet to be effective, promotional copy requires the same level of attention as longer-form ads.


No matter how experienced an agency may be, it’s challenging to systematically generate continuously optimized ad creative that improves yield and achieves better results over time. With Boost, iProspect can rely on tight turnaround times for large volumes of targeted ad creative. In fact, partnering with Boost empowers iProspect to scale an army of copywriters on demand.

Through expert copywriters and designers, Boost supplies an endless stream of fresh creative. The Boost system then ensures winning creative so iProspect and its clients do not have to be concerned with underperformers. Any underperforming ads are automatically removed from rotation.

To prove the value of its unique approach, Boost ran a pilot with three of iProspect’s high-profile clients, two in retail and one in the travel industry. For the retail clients, iProspect took advantage of Boost’s ability to quickly deliver ads at scale for multiple promotions. The travel client benefited from targeted ads developed by creative writers. Through its methodical, systematic approach, Boost incrementally tested different call to actions to identify the best choices for iProspect’s clients.


By employing Boost, iProspect gains a capability that sets it apart in the industry –automatically optimizing ads at scale. In the past, agencies had no choice but to test a few ads or to test once every few months and then dedicate significant time to refresh their creative. Boost enables iProspect to effortlessly scale more relevant ad creative. iProspect gains advanced ad management and reporting capabilities that make it possible to deliver greater insights to its clients. By better understanding which words in ad creative resonate with target markets, iProspect can enrich the personas that its clients are trying to reach, enabling them to better engage and connect with their audiences. Now that’s delivering value that truly sets iProspect apart.