99designs Utilizes the Expert Marketplace™

No matter how experienced an SEM team or agency may be, the ability to create a stream of new ad creative at scale is very difficult. Furthermore, ensuring that ad creative is continuously tested and optimized consistently is also a very difficult task. Boost’s Expert Marketplace directly addresses this pain point in ad management and for 99designs, this was why they engaged with Boost.

About 99designs
99designs is an online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design. Its community links more than 100,000 designers with thousands of business owners and individuals seeking quality, affordable design. With offices in Melbourne, San Francisco, Berlin and Paris, 99designs now has a staff of more than 75 passionate people working around the clock to help customers find the perfect design—and their dream designer.

99designs Leverages Boost’s Expert Marketplace To Deliver New Perspectives On Their Value Propositions


  • 99designs was able to establish a new pipeline of fresh creative from thousands of expert copywriters.
  • 99designs was able to consistently test and optimize ad creative
  • Within mere hours of signing up with Boost, the Expert Marketplace had delivered a dozen new ad submissions for 99designs to review and approve


Given the competitive nature of the PPC environment in which 99designs advertises, Boost’s optimization strategy aimed to distinguish the features and benefits of choosing 99designs over other graphic design solutions. One of the greatest pain points Boost’s services aim to alleviate is the fact that no matter how experienced a company’s SEM team or agency may be, generating continuously improved and outperforming ad copy is systematically difficult. Boost’s Expert Marketplace helps solve this problem by offering advertisers and SEM teams access to a large marketplace of professional copywriters and designers who introduce new perspectives on how to phrase or tweak a business’s underlying value proposition. For 99designs, this was one of the more appealing aspects of using Boost.


Because 99designs’ PPC campaigns are structured around product categories, Boost’s optimization strategy focused on improving CTRs for its highest-value product keywords. Within mere hours of signing up with Boost, the Expert Marketplace had delivered a dozen new ad submissions for 99designs to review and approve. Some submissions took a dramatically different approach from existing ads, while others made only slight copy adjustments – but all were created with the goal of driving better performance. In one example, the winning Boost ad highlighted the fact that 99designs provides access to a professional community of designers, and encouraged potential customers to learn more. This was contrary to the original ad, which failed to communicate this benefit and focused only on price. As a result, the winning ad copy attracted more visitors in fewer impressions, all with an enticing value proposition.

Boost also takes an iterative approach to copywriting and testing. Because it may not always be possible to generate winning copy in the first round of a contest, a new testing feature was introduced to allow contests with sufficient impression volume to accept multiple writer submissions.

The benefit of multi-ad testing is that it allows advertisers to run multiple contests on the same ad group simultaneously – at no additional fee.


By employing Boost, After nearly 3 months of testing and optimization, Boost’s Expert Marketplace and optimization methodologies achieved some remarkable results for 99designs. By tapping into the Boost Expert Marketplace, 99designs was able to see immediate short term gains in conversion rates. But more importantly, the Expert Marketplace helped 99designs strengthen it’s brand position.