Zynga Combats Ad Fatigue To Gain Results

Zynga used creative optimization to help gain traction for the sequel release of one of its hottest games, Farmville 2.

About Zynga
Zynga, a leader in the online gaming industry, engaged Boost to provide fresh creative & optimization, increasing performance on their Social, Image & Mobile campaigns.

Zynga Combats Ad Fatigue To Gain Results


  • Saved 60 hours a month on creative testing and reporting
  • Saw a 30% lift in IPI


Zynga needed new creative for Farmville 2’s launch, and refreshed creative at an optimal frequency to drive increased user acquisition and game installs.


By delivering fresh creative, following the Boost Creative Optimization Process and providing neverseen-before insights, Boost was able to increase campaign performance to new levels. They accomplished this by testing image creative and thus, fighting ad fatigue.


After just a few refresh cycles, Zynga saw a 30% increase in Installs-Per-Impression (IPI) across Farmville 2 creatives. Zynga’s acquisition team also saves an average of 60 hours a month on creating, testing and reporting on ad creative.