Agency Success at Search Discovery

How does a leading digital marketing agency bring a new level of sophistication to the industry while maintaining a high-standard of service to clients?

About Search Discovery
Search Discovery is a digital marketing and analytics agency helping organizations transform their marketing through the effective collection and use of data. The agency has helped hundreds of the best brands and companies around the world drive results by harnessing the power of data.

Search Discover Sets New Industry Standard by Using Boost


  • Search Discovery was able to quickly produce ad creative for their client
  • Search Discovery was able to automate testing
  • Search Discover was able to deliver valuable messaging insights to their client, strengthening their client-agency relationship


 Search Discovery is a digital marketing and analytics agency headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Working with some of the best brands and companies around the world, the agency enables their clients to become more effective data driven marketers. Search Discovery was the creator of Satellite Tag Management, which was acquired by Adobe in 2013. The agency continues to develop new products and services that tackle the challenging problems of digital marketers.


 Search Discovery's client Apartment Finder substantially grew their account structure and spend very quickly. As a result, the agency needed to scale their ad copy creation efforts. Search Discovery did not have a way to produce ad copy at such a large scale quickly without placing undue strain on internal resources. The agency also needed a method to continually test new creative to generate SEM learnings. Search Discovery turned to the Boost platform for developing original ad creative at scale and with an iterative, automated testing execution.


Partnering with Boost empowered Search Discovery with on demand access to copywriters through the platform's Expert Marketplace. With a crowd of carefully vetted and experienced copywriters, Boost was able to supply a constant stream of fresh creative for Search Discovery without adding strain to the internal team.

Search Discovery was also able to leverage Boost's automated testing platform to proactively measure results across all ad groups in the account 24/7. Through continual testing, Boost Media was able to deliver valuable insights into messaging strategies so Search Discovery gained an understanding of what worked and what did not for the client. Additionally, the agency was able to take ad creative insights and propagate these learnings across other sections of the client's account.


Boost increased Apartment Finder's conversions-per-impression (CPI), click-through rate (CTR), while reducing cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-acquisition. Overall the agency was able to deliver higher performance, which led to more incremental clicks and conversions for the client.

By sourcing a wide array of diverse ad copy from the Expert Marketplace, Boost Media delivered increased messaging diversity as well as operational efficiencies within Search Discovery's internal SEM teams. With an on-demand marketplace of copywriters at their fingertips, internal teams now had more time to focus on strategy, bid optimizations, and account structure improvements.

By developing a strong relationship with Boost, Search Discovery developed advanced ad management and reporting capabilities, allowing for them to deliver greater insights to their client. By better understanding which words in ad creative resonate with target markets, the agency can better engage and connect with their client's audiences.